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Forklift Service and forklift repair in Atlanta Georgia. We have been repairing and providing forklift maintenance since 1996. We have a professional trained forklift service staff that covers Atlanta Georgia and its surrounding counties. We can handle anything from changing a tire to completely rebuilding your lift trucks.

We have the capability of providing any forklift service that you may need to prevent downtime to your business or manufacturing facility. We understand the importance of up-time and the costs associated with your facility being down. If you need Forklift service for just one day or need a service tech for a month we have the technicians on staff to fulfill your needs.

We have the ability to ship any parts for your forklifts the same day or from any of our 6 locations throughout the United States. We also have access to 110,000 sq. ft. of used OEM forklift parts to save your company over 70% of the costs of buying new parts. Let our forklift service department do the service and you will never have to worry about downtime or loss of profit due to forklift maintenance issues.


Is Your Forklift Due For Maintenance

Worn Forks

Damaged forklift forks can’t optimally transport loads. This increases the chances of hazards such as dropping the load, damaging the goods or even injuries to people. Damage to forks may occur as they pick, transport, and unload equipment or goods. A fork wear caliper is a specialized tool to measure blade heel for wear. If the tool records a 10 percent reduction in the size of the fork, it essentially means that its capacity has decreases by double that amount. It may be time to install a new fork. One way to notice worn forks before measuring is the presence of surface cracks, dents, or misalignment.

Oil Leaks

Forklifts with oil leaks are easy to spot as they often leave a noticeable trail of oil in their wake. Oil leaks signify problems with the forklift and also pose a real danger to other lift trucks and people working and passing around the work site. Oil is essential in lubricating the extended mast and the presence of leaks means that there is less available for that purpose. An oil deficiency also causes parts to experience more friction and heat, which accelerates wear and destroys some parts. Although topping-up the oil is a feasible stop-gap measure, it is ill-advised to do so for extended periods before taking it to experienced forklift service providers for repairs.

Damaged Chain

If you properly lubricate your forklift chain, it will last you up to 6,000 of work. Failure to notice the danger signs related to chain failure may result in damage to the forklift, load, and injuries around the workplace. Warning signs include rust, kinking, or corrosion. Check for wear on the pinheads, link plates, and chain elongation.

We Service All Major Brands of Forklifts

Just some of the brands that we service are listed below. You can always give us a call at 770-692-1455 with any questions you may have concerning your forklift service needs.

Allis Chalmers, Baker, Caterpillar, Clark, Crown, Daewoo, Halla, Hyster, Hyundai, Kalmar, Komatsu, Linde, Mitsubishi, Moffet, Nissan, Princeton, Raymond, TCM, Toyota, Yale

Important Maintenance Tips for your Forklift

Whether you own or rent a forklift, forklift maintenance is important for several reasons. If you are renting a forklift, you need to return it in a good condition and make sure it operates optimally and safely. If you own a forklift, you want it to operate optimally and safely, last long, minimize costly repairs, and give you a good resale value. The cost of forklift parts can really add up in the absence of proper forklift service. Here are some handy forklift maintenance tips that you can use.

Keep forklift parts well lubricated

Keep all moving forklift parts well lubricated to make sure they work efficiently and there is less wear and tear. Make sure you are using the right type of lubricants by referring to the user manual.

Inspect the forklift regularly

It is important to run daily and period checks of your forklift to identify and issues and fix them before they get worse, compromise productivity, or causes accidents. Some of the checks you must perform regularly include tires, hoses, fluid levels, brakes, seat belt, forks, and overhead guard. You must also check anti-freeze levels before operating a forklift.

Clean your truck regularly

Although it may seem unimportant, cleaning your forklift must be a part of its maintenance regime. Cleaning goes a long way to discourage the build-up of rust and combustible agents such as lint.

Nip problems in the bud

Always make it a point to fix issues as soon as they are spotted or arise. Forklift operators must be trained to report all issues as soon as possible. This inculcates a culture of safety and keeps expensive repairs at bay.

Rope-in professionals

If you don’t have a solid in-house team with the right tools to do the job, it is strongly advised to make arrangements for your trucks’ maintenance by certified and experienced professionals.


Atlanta Georgia's Leader In Forklift Repair

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At Accurate Forklift we Have:

  • Professionally Trained Service Techs
  • Service Equipment and Parts on every truck
  • On time response to each service call
  • Ability to Handle each and every request
  • Ability to ship parts from multiple locations
  • 110,000 sq.ft. of OEM used Forklift parts
  • Service plans availble to meet your needs
  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • LP, diesel, gas and electric powered forklift techs
  • Trained on all major brands of lift trucks
  • Industrial batteries and charger replacement

Have a question or service request? Just call 770-692-1455 and ask for the service department and one of our helpful service reps will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Forklift Restoration Service

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Let Accurate Forklift Restore your Lift Truck back to factory condition with our restoration service. We can pick up your forklift and bring back to our shop and completely restore it back to the day you originally received your lift. If your lfit truck needs maintenance just let us give it a complete face lift. Keeping your forklift in top running condition saves money by not having downtime in your plant or warehouse and when it comes to the safety factor of having a lift truck in top running condition you can not go wrong.

Need a lift truck while your’s is being repaired. Just let us know. We have a full fleet of rental lift trucks available.

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