3000 lb capacity forklift sales

3,000 LB Capacity Forklift Sales - Atlanta Georgia

Below is a list of 3000 lb capacity forklift sales that we currently have available. If you have any questions about any of the forklifts that we have listed please call 770-692-1455 and ask for forklift sales and our sales staff will be more than happy to assist you. We add forklifts daily to our site so if you do do see a forklift that fits your needs please let us know and we can search to see what we may have coming off of lease that may be available for your business. Please let us know if you need Different size forks or any attachments. We have all size forks and a variety of attachments to meet your needs.

***No matter what you use a forklift for, it’s important to consider the derated capacity. When an attachment is added or a load is lifted to high heights, a truck’s basic load capacity may be reduced. Each forklift has a basic load capacity and derated load capacity. Not taking this into consideration could result in a serious accident that could injure an operator or a pedestrian. Please ask our Rental Sales Department about the forklift’s derated load capacity rating when making your selection.

You can contact larry@accurateforklift.net, shane@accurateforklift.net or marshall@accurateforklift.net with any questions you may have.

Below is the 3,000 LB Capacity Forklifts currently for sale
Contact Sales with any questions you may have 770-692-1455


Year: 1998
Make: Hyster
Model: H35XM
SN: D001H04059V
Size: 3.5k
Hours: 10000
Tires: Solid Pneumatic
Fuel: LP
Specs: 189" Triple - S/S




Year: 2013
Make: Toyota
Model: 7FBCU15
SN: 67112
Size: 3k
Hours: 10009
Tires: Cushion NM - 90%
Fuel: Electric 36V - Late model 2015 crown battery
Specs: 189" Lift - Side Shift - Fork Positioner - 4 way - Fully Refurbished - Used charger - Very tight truck




Year: 2012
Make: Crown
Model: RC5530-30C
SN: 1A386945
Size: 3k
Hours: 7528
Tires: Cushion
Fuel: Electric 36V
Specs: 189" Lift Height - 3 Stage Mast with Side Shift - Good Battery and Charger




Make: Cascade
Model: 35D-CCS-35Q
SN: PTL1344214-2R4
Size: 3.5K
Specs: 48" X 48" Side Shifting Carton Clamp




Make: Rightline
Model: LB35C-53-3A
SN: 81863
Specs: Class II bale clamp w/side shift - 19" to 69" opening - 16" x 47" arms




Year: 2005
Make: CAT
Model: C3000
SN: AT81F00373
Hours: 11270
Tires: Cushion
Fuel: LP

Specs: 200" lift height - triple mast with side shift - mechanical work has been done on forklift




Year: 2008
Make: Yale
Model: OS030BEN24TE119
SN: D826N03178F
Hours: 2785
Tires: Caster
Fuel: Electric - 24V

Specs: 119" Down Height - 276" Lift Height - PS Retractable Gates



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